The Real Workout - Katja

Things have been pretty slow at the gym so me and Mickey came up with a plan to meet more girls. We decided to put an ad for personal trainers in the local newspaper. It wasn’t complete b.s., the gym Mickey and I work at needs some more personal trainers, but neither of us are in charge of doing the hiring. However, that didn’t stop us from doing some interviews. The first chick we interviewed was named Katja Kassin. She’s from Europe and has this super naughty accent. Check out these wild photos from the interview with Katja.

Well, she was willing to do just about anything to get this job – including fucking the interviewer. One minute, her and Mickey are talking about exercise routines and the next minute she has her mouthful with his rock hard cock. It definitely didn’t stop there. Soon, they were fucking on one of the exercise machines. The only thing that was hotter than that was seeing her getting her tender pussy pounded on one of the workout mats. He gave her a hard fucking and she thought that she definitely had the job – not so quick! We have some more interviews to do first.

See more of Katja at The Real Work.

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