The Real Workout - Kagney Karter

Hey boys, my named is Kagney Karter. The other week I went out golfing with my father and my brothers. They’re all good at it, but to tell the truth I suck. Pun intended! Anyways, I thought today I would head to the local driving range and practice some. Well, one of the course pros saw me struggling and offered to help me out. Wow, did he ever help me out! He helped me with my form, technique and my swing. By the end of the day I was starting to get better. Check out these photos from my round with the golf pro.

The real fun started when he discovered that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I bent over and gave him a full view of my bare pussy. He started to finger me and I knew that I wanted to go some place more private. We ended up back at his place and my clothes ended up on the floor of his living room. He gave my pussy a hard fucking and who ever said that golfers aren’t athletes, has never been fucked by a golfer. He can definitely hit a hole in one with me.

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