The Real Workout - Kina Kai

Yesterday morning, I headed over to the basketball courts to shoot some hoops with my friends. While I was there, I spotted this cute Asian. She introduced herself as Kina Kai. She didn’t look like she could play basketball, but this hottie had some game with a serious jump shot. I couldn’t resist talking a little bit of trash and she challenged me to a one on one game – the winner takes all. It seems that her definition of all, was definitely the same as mine – no matter who won, we were all winners. Check out these photos from my basketball game with Kina and what happened afterwards.

I’ll admit, I threw the game so that she could win. She invited me back to her place and as soon as we got there, she took off her clothes, saying that she didn’t want to wear her sweaty clothes anymore. She showed me all of her petite body and invited me to go down on her. I went to work with my tongue and soon she was moaning, begging me to fuck her pussy. She was so tight, it felt amazing. It was by far one of the best pussies that I’ve ever fucked and that’s definitely saying something.

See our whole adventure at The Real Workout.

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