The Real Workout - Micah Moore

Today was supposed to be my first day off in a couple of weeks and I was looking forward to some time catching up on my sleep. However, around noon my phone woke me up. It was from the gym, if it was anyone other than my friend Mickey, I would’ve been pissed. He told me that he needed me to come to the gym right away. He didn’t tell me why though. I thought that it was because he needed me to cover a shift for him or something. I wasn’t happy about it, but I owed him a favor.

When I got to the gym, he was nowhere in sight but this smoking hot chick named Micah Moore was there. I knew right away that’s why he had called me. She looked amazing in a tight pair of white workout shorts and a bikini top. One minute I’m helping her with her workout technique and the next we’re heading back to my house so she can show me her blowjob technique. Check out these pictures and see me getting a real workout from Micah Moore.

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