The Real Workout - Nikki Sexx

On Sundays we close the gym at five p.m., usually there’s no problem but at the very last minute this curvy babe named Nikki Sexx walked in to the gym. I told her that we were closing, but she promised that she would be quick and that she would definitely make it worth my while. To tell the truth, just looking at her huge tits made it worth while, but what she had in store for me next absolutely blew my mind. Check out these photos from the night Nikki stayed late at the gym.

One minute, I’m helping her out with her technique, the next she’s inviting me back to her place to continue the workout. She told me that she was looking for a serious cardio workout with a lot more breathing hard and moaning. Fifteen minutes later, we’re back at her apartment and she’s giving a serious workout to my cock with her sexy mouth. Of course, I gave her pussy one of my trademarked hardcre fuckings and left her covered with one of my patent pending creamy protein shakes.

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