The Real Workout - Violet

I have this friend named Violet Marcell. She just moved to Hollywood from Canada, where apparently they don’t have football. She didn’t get what everyone was talking about, so I told her that I would teach her all about the game. This afternoon, we played a game in my backyard and I showed her the basics. She really liked the hiking the ball part. She made sure that I got a good view of her sexy ass in the tight grey workout shorts that she was wearing. Soon, it was getting hard to hide my erection, luckily she wasn’t offended by it. Instead, she wanted to see more of it!

Check out these photos and see all of our wild game of football. It wasn’t long before our game moved indoors. Then I taught her about shirts and skins. We both ended up playing skins! Soon, she was showing me somethings too. She was showing me her blowjobs skills. However, our game was just beginning. Soon, I was pounding her tight pussy. When I got close to the red zone, she had me pull out and cum all over her sexy face.

See more of my afternoon with Violet at The Real Workout.

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