The Real Workout - Micah Moore

When I got to the gym today, the firs thing I noticed was this smoking hot brunette. The other guys working told me that her name was Micah Moore. It was hard not to stare – she was wearing just a air of tiny white workout shorts and a top that was basically a bra. The other guys were just watching her workout, however I decided to go over and see if she needed any help. I’m pretty glad because it wasn’t long before I went from helping her technique in the gym to helping her technique in the bedroom. Check out these photos from my workout with Micah.

One minute she’s pumping iron and the next, we’re back to my house and she’s pumping my cock with her hand. She gave me a killer blowjob that got my heart beating fast. Then she opened up her legs and practically demanded that I fuck her. I pounded her pussy, giving her a real workout. She showed me what she could do too – she rode my cock until I started to get close. That’s when she got on her knees, she wanted my special protein shake on her face.

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