Solo Interviews - Destiny Summers

Meet Destiny Summers. Destiny is a very horny 18 year old Asian. She’s cute with a banging body. She knows that men like her. She’s always getting hit on – at the mall, at the grocery store. Just walking down the street men stare at her. At first she was overwhelmed by all of the attention, but now she’s really starting to enjoy and she’s not afraid to use her looks or her body to get what she wants. Check out these photos of Destiny from her photo shoot for Solo Interviews.

Along with her killer body and good looks, Destiny also has a wild sex drive. She’s the type of girl that needs sex every day and if she doesn’t get it, she’ll get herself off. She admits that she loves to masturbate, saying it can be so satisfying. Today, she put on a special show for the camera. She started with her fingers, but it wasn’t long before she took out this little orange sex toy. I had never seen anything like it before, but she loved it. She rubbed it against her clit, pushed it inside of her pussy and you’ve gotta hear the way it makes her moan.

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