Solo Interviews - Tabitha

Check out these photos of a wild looking teen named Tabitha. There’s a little bit of a story behind my interview Tabitha. She’s my buddies ex-girlfriend and I’ve wanted to see her undressed for a while now. I decided that there wasn’t a better way to make it happen then by asking her to come pose for the site. She didn’t hesitate at the chance to model, so I knew that this was going to be one very hot interview. In fact, I don’t know why my buddy would’ve ever wanted to break up with this chick, I know that she had t keep him very satisfied in the bedroom.

As soon as I took out the cameras, she started ripping off her bikini and showing me her tender body. Then she started to tell me about things that she likes to do in the bedroom. She really likes giving blowjobs cock and she loves to spread her legs and get her tight pussy pounded every night. She’s the type of chick that needs sex everyday, three or four times a day and it turns out the reason that she broke up with my buddy is because he couldn’t keep up. Do you think you can keep up?

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