Solo Interviews - Alexis Texas

I’m sure this blonde cutie looks familiar to a lot of you. It’s none other than Alexis Texas. Right now, she’s one of the most promising up and coming porn stars on the internet and in porn videos. However, before anyone knew who she was, I did an interview with her. I was one of the first photographers to film her. I knew that she was going to be big, but I didn’t know just how big! Right away, she stood out from the other girls with her thick ass and her hyper sexual personality.

Check out these hot photos from my interview with Alexis. She was all about getting down to business, which luckily involved her taking off her clothes. I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t stop starring at her butt. The rest of her body isn’t bad either, but that ass made me hard. She didn’t just pose for the camera either. It wasn’t long before she was rubbing her pussy. She was giving the camera lots of dirty looks as she rubbed herself. Then she slid a couple of her fingers inside of her tight pussy and started to moan.

You can see lots more of Alexis Texas at Solo Interviews.

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