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I think you’re going to like the chick that I interviewed last night. Her name is Kacey Kox. She’s an eighteen year old brunette. She has the nympho next door look about her. She’s pretty much your average teen – likes to flirt with boys at the mall on the weekend and go with her girl friends to the movies. But it definitely doesn’t stop there. She admits that she loves to masturbate and get herself off. She says sex is fun, but she loves to make herself orgasm. Check out these pictures from my interview with Kacey Kox.

She said that just thought of masturbating with the camer watching turned her on. She got so horny thinking about all of the men that would be checking out her photos and videos. I didn’t even have to ask her to start taking off her clothes, she was stripping even before I could say something. And soon, she took out her favorite vibrator, a little silver bullet vibe. She pushed it against her clit, rubbed it between her pussy lips. It wasn’t long before she was moaning so loud that I thought my neighbors were going to complain.

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