Solo Interviews

Check out these photos from my interview with Kylie Wylde. This girl was young, hot and ready to do anything. I had barely introduced myself when she took off her coat and revealed her virginal white lace garter-belt, and matching sheer, white, stockings. Before I could even offer her one of our toys to play with, she whipped out her own 8 inch ribbed vibrator and started sucking on it. My jaw dropped in shock but luckily I came to my senses and grabbed the camera to start shooting!

She asked me to keep taking pics but to wait to start the interview. Then she began rubbing her clit while she started to work the vibe into her pussy. You could actually hear just how wet and juicy she was every time she pulled the toy out. She looked like she was in ecstasy with those ribs working her puss. Then she stuffed the vibe all the way in, turned it on high and took her hands off. She told me I could interview her now while I watched her orgasm over and over. Reason #1 to love my job!

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