Solo Interviews - Lindsay Layne

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsay Layne. Most of the time we either go out and recruit chicks to model for us or place ads in the local newspaper looking for first time models. However, Lindsay just showed up at the front door of the studio. She had heard that we were doing interviews and she wanted to try out. She definitely had the looks and it definitely turned out that she had the attitude too. It turned out to be a very interesting interview.

Check out these photos from my interview with Lindsay Lane. She said that it had always been her dream to be a porn star. When she sucking cock or getting fucked, sometimes she would imagine that there was a camera watching her. Now that there actually was a camera watching her, she got pretty turned on. She slowly teased out of her clothes, showing off her sexy body and slutty tattoos. Soon, she was sitting on the couch, her fingers between her legs. She fingered herself until she got off. It was pretty intense to watch.

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