Solo Interviews - Tiffany

Check out these photos from my wild interview with Tiffany Holiday. This chick was off the wall! She was so full of energy that it wasn’t even funny. Plus, she was all about sex. She’s the kind of babe that you just know is going to be wild in bed. During the interview, she couldn’t wait to start taking off her clothes. Before I even had the camera setup, she was down to her bra, thong and stockings. That alone was hot, but it was about to get even better. Her bra came off next and wow what a perfect rack.

However, the real fun started when her thong came off. She wasn’t just rubbing her pussy, she was soon rubbing her asshole. She started finger both at the same time and wow wait until you hear this nympho moan. I gave her a long rubber dildo and she wasted no time pushing it deep inside of her pussy. She even took it out and put it in her mouth. That’s when she was sucking on it like it was a hard dick and she was giving a blowjob.

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