I have a big fetish. Being tied up. So last night I met this hot guy at the bar and took him

back to my place. I was so horny and wet that I could barely talk and told him to tie me to the bed quickly

and fuck me as hard as he could. His huge cock made me cum so hard that I passed out right after. Then I woke

up this morning and found myself still tied to the bedposts. At first I was mad but after a while the feeling

of vulnerability starting making me hot. the fact that anyone could come in and just do whatever they wanted

to me started making me wet and I was hoping someone would just walk in. I struggled to get out and just

watched my huge tits bounce back and forth. I could not take much more so when I got free I was so horny I was

ready to explode so I had to pull my tits out and play with them.

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